Naughty Westerns: Romance and Adult Westerns

One of the newer forms of the Western Genre is the naughty Western, where the romantic or sexual escapades take front stage, and the setting is downplayed somewhat.  The genre is split in two –  Adult Westerns and Western Romance.

Adult Westerns  contain more scenes of sexual encounters, usually somewhat graphic in nature, and occasionally rough, “cowboy” sex, with a prostitute.  Sometimes the theme involves a sweet young virgin who desires the lean muscled body of the ranch hand or cowboy on a cattle drive. The distinction is in the straight forward manner of telling.  The cowboy rarely stays, but always moves on.

The most popular series of Adult Western is Longarm by Tabor Evans.

Although Tabor Evans is rumored not to exist, (the Longarm series is rumored to be written by several different ghostwriters under the pen name), the series is the most popular Adult Western to date.  Longarm is the hero in each case and always gets his woman, described in relatively graphic nature.

In the Romance Western, as in a Romance, the hard-bodied, hard riding cowboy meets the rancher’s daughter and love and lovemaking ensue.  These novels, while still graphic use the same kind of language as a romance novel, covering the sex with soft speech.  In the end, the woman usually gets her man, however, many times he must ride off into the sunset, in love, but with his duty to perform.

Examples of  Romantic Western authors are Linda Lael Miller (The McKettrick saga)

Miller is a prolific writer, and one of the first to embrace the Western Romance genre, or sub-genre.  Her novels are said to embody the romantic nature of the West.

Here is a fan website with links to 19th century fashion, etc.:

Caroline Fyffe (Where the Wind Blows).

Even the cover suggests romance, with the lone cowboy riding through the beautiful mountains.  This happens to be te first book in the series, with other writers contributing future titles:

Future books in the series include Lisa Cooke’s A Midwife Crisis, which is currently featured on my sidebar, and Sharla Rae’s debut, How to Tame a Timberman.


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