Tales of the New West

The Western is evolving, and over the past years authors have brought the Western into modern times.  There are still cowboys r ranch hands, and the setting is in the West, but not the old West.  Novels are set in modern times, and cowboys may use horses, four-wheelers or dirt bikes to manage the herd.

Authors known for Western-themed stories are Annie Proulx, (Brokeback Mountain), originally a short story, but turned into a full length feature movie, the tale is of two cowboys who spend a summer together riding the range, and it turns out they become gay lovers.  Each goes on to his own life, although neither is happy and tragedy overtakes both their lives.

Proulx,A., “Brokeback Mountain,” New York, 1997

    Larry McMurtry shared the Oscar for screenwriting with Annie Proulx.

and  Cormac McCarthy (No Country for Old Men).


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